Where are the other nine? Where are you?

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Ten received an answer.  Only one has returned to say thank-you.

“Where are the other nine?” asks Jesus in last Sunday’s Gospel (Luke 17:11-19).  The question makes me ask myself, “Am I among them?”

My prayer is so often filled with requests for myself as well as for others.  God hears these prayers and answers them (Luke 11:9).  Do I come back to say “thank you”?

Sometimes my prayers are answered in ways that I might not have expected; sometimes it seems that God hasn’t heard me.  Can I trust in God’s promises to me and believe that “all things work together for good for those who love God” (Rom 8,28)?   Can I thank God even in these situations and believe in God’s providential love?

St. Paul urges the Colossians to always give thanks to God (3:17).  It is good advice.  And should you wonder "for what?"  take a moment to stop and think about who and what is a good, a blessing in your life.